Admission to a Doctoral Degree

Admission requirements

If you are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at our department, you must:

  1. have found a supervisor (usally a professor at our School)
  2. fulfill the formal requirements specified by the General Doctoral Regulations of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg (RPromO) and the Faculty Doctoral Regulations (FPromO):
    • Master’s degree, state examination, Diploma or Magister degree from a university or from a university of applied sciences in a business or social sciences related subject.
    • Final grade of 2.5 or better.
    • At least 50 ECTS credits in economics and social sciences, but up to 20 ECTS credits can be accredited from other disciplines of relevance for the topic of the doctoral degree. If the candidate does not have the required number of ECTS credits, they may be admitted subject to the condition that they still attain the required ECTS at a later date.

College graduates with a diploma degree in Business Administration, or related degree programmes including doctorates, are required to undergo a qualifying examination (Section 7 of the Doctoral Regulations attached) as a prerequisite for registration and admission to a doctoral programme. For further admission requirements please have a look at the Doctoral Regulations attached.

Please ensure that you have understood the admission requirements (Sections 6, 7 and 8 of the Faculty Doctoral Regulations attached).

As soon as you have found a supervisor, please register in At the end of the online registration process, you will receive the application for admission to the doctoral program. Please have your supervisor sign it and send it to us with the required documents (curriculum vitae, copies of Bachelor’s and Master’s certificates with Transcript of Records and a criminal record certificate) by mail. If you haven’t received your Master’s certificates yet, please send us a written confirmation from the university at which you completed your degree proving you have completed an appropriate degree. If you had to undergo a qualifying examination, please send us the proof of passing the qualifying examination.

We will send you a confirmation of admission after processing.

When registering, please provide a mobile phone number in docDaten so that we can contact you more easily if necessary.

Supervisor selection

We are sorry, but we cannot help you in the search for a supervisor. In order to find a suitable chair for your research focus, you can orient yourself by the chairs of the institutes at our School.